Law and Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 1

The popular drama series Law and Order: OC continues with Season 2 episode one, “Seven Knights.” This storyline follows Detective Elliot Stabler as he goes head to head with the notorious Seven Knights club. As the season progresses, Stabler is faced with a new challenge as he tries to fight off the gang while balancing his personal life.

Episode 1

Law and order are back in its fifth season, and this time, we see the return of Elliot Stabler to the NYPD and a battle with one of the city’s most powerful organized crime groups. In addition, Stabler is rebuilding his life after suffering a devastating personal loss.

In this episode, the team has to work together to crack a major case which involves a young girl’s death. The crime is tied into another major case and involves a suspect who has connections to Russia.

Detective Elliot Stabler’s battle with the Seven Knights club

In “The Seven Knights Club,” Detective Elliot Stabler fights for the justice of his client. As a former marine, Stabler served in Desert Storm. He wears an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoo on his forearm and has been married to his wife since his teen years. Yet his aggressive personality often alienates his wife and family.

The show is set in New York City’s Organized Crime Control Bureau. The show follows the lives of detectives working under the Organized Crime Task Force. Detective Elliot Stabler is a former Special Victims Unit detective who comes to New York City after his wife is murdered. He later became the second in command of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.

Vinnie Jones as Elliot Stabler

Law and Order: Organized Crime will return to TV screens on NBC this Thursday. The show stars Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler and Vinnie Jones as Albanian mobster Albi Brisco. The two actors have been praised for their work and said that the series had given them a chance to shine.

Vinnie Jones is an experienced actor who has become a household name through the years. The actor married Tanya Terry and had two children: a stepdaughter named Kaley and a son, Aaron Elliston Jones. They were wed in 1994 and had met as children in Watford.

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