Meat vs Vegetables – Which Is Healthier and Which to Consume More

There has been a debate going on for centuries about which is healthier meat or vegetables. So, let’s check the facts and try to find out which has more health benefits and does good for our body. I appreciate both of them, and both of them are important to us. But, let’s see which one has more health benefits.


We all know that our body needs nutrients more than protein. That is because protein only helps our body to repair the damaged cells. But nutrients are responsible for the proper function of the body and fighting diseases and other factors. However, our body gets those nutrients like vitamins, minerals and other components from vegetables and not from meat. Meat only provides protein, not other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, the vegetable also contains proteins, which are tiny amount, but it provides protein.

Weight Gain

If you want to stay healthy, you must eat well. Now, one of the most common signs that you are not healthy is that weight gain. So, you must also ways avoid those things that will help you to gain weight. However, meat is a food that contains only protein and other components that will help you gain weight. On the other hand, vegetables only contain a tiny amount of protein that won’t help you to gain weight no matter how much your wat. So, you should change your diet to more vegetables and less meat.

Regulate Cholesterol

Cholesterol is responsible for many extreme conditions in our body, and it increases the risk of heart disease as well. Now, meat increases cholesterol, and vegetables don’t, and I am not talking about that without facts. There was a study conducted where people with cholesterol problems were divided into two groups one group had only eaten vegetables and one only animal meat. Now, the only group that has eaten vegetables has regulated their cholesterol, and one with meat hasn’t. That is because saturated fat increases cholesterol, and saturated fats are found in animal meat. So, switch to vegetables early.

Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. And to function properly, it requires nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and other things. And our body gets those nutrients from vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, meat has saturated fat and components that boost the oil production on our skin, and those components are responsible for many skin conditions and skin diseases.

Chronic Diseases

It has been proven that vegetables are very effective in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. However, if you eat more vegetables, then your body will get all the nutrients that it needs and will be able to stay fit and free from all chronic diseases. On the other hand, if you eat too much meat, then your body won’t get all the necessary nutrients that it needs to stay free from chronic diseases. So, in order to stay free from chronic diseases and other conditions, you must always consume more vegetables.

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